Aya Francisco


    Tofugu Staff

    Aya is an illustrator at Tofugu. She draws for WaniKani sometimes too. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, taking care of her plants, and making doodles on social media!

    696 Art/Photography Published

    2023-08-10 The Best Hiragana & Katakana Learning Resources
    2022-12-27 New Japanese Learning Resources: Winter 2022
    2022-11-29 11 Japanese Expressions for Different Levels of Uncertainty
    2022-11-22 Katakanization: The Secret Rules of Converting English into Japanese
    2022-11-15 ばかり (Bakari) vs ところ (Tokoro): Two Ways to Say You "Just" Did Something
    2022-11-08 〜ている vs 〜てある vs 〜ておく: How Are They Different?
    2022-10-25 What is Yuri? Queer Women Content in Japanese Media
    2022-10-18 The Best Japanese E-Book Retailers for Japanese Learners
    2022-09-30 New Japanese Learning Resources: Fall 2022
    2022-09-13 The Best Japanese Language Learning Podcasts for Intermediate Learners
    2022-09-06 The Best Japanese Language Learning Podcasts for Beginners
    2022-08-23 Tofugu's Learn Katakana Book
    2022-08-16 How to Language Exchange Successfully
    2022-07-19 What is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)?
    2022-07-05 Tofugu's Learn Hiragana Book
    2022-06-30 New Japanese Learning Resources: Summer 2022
    2022-06-28 Buying Secondhand Books & Manga in Japan
    2022-06-21 Secondhand Shopping in Japan: How To Get Fashion Items for Cheap
    2022-06-14 Secondhand Shopping in Japan
    2022-05-10 Reading 絵本 (Ehon) – Japanese Picture Books as a Japanese Learner
    2022-05-03 Japanese Graded Readers: A Primer
    2022-04-26 A Guide to Japanese Grammar Guides
    2022-04-19 Japanese Grammar YouTube Channels for Beginners
    2022-04-05 How and Why to Find a Japanese Tutor: A Practical Guide
    2022-03-31 New Japanese Learning Resources: Spring 2022
    2022-03-22 けど: Why Are Japanese Speakers Always Ending Their Sentences with "But"?
    2022-02-10 A Review of the HelloTalk App
    2022-02-01 Japan's National Healthcare Guide (From An American Perspective)
    2022-01-20 Japanese Vocabulary for Yoga: Movements
    2022-01-13 Japanese Vocabulary for Yoga: Body Parts
    2022-01-06 Learn by Doing! Start Your Japanese Yoga Journey
    2021-12-28 New Japanese Learning Resources: Winter 2021
    2021-12-07 How to Use こそあど Words to Refer to Things You Can't See
    2021-10-26 MEXT Research Scholarship: How to Get a Master's Scholarship in Japan for Free
    2021-10-12 Uchi and Soto: Complementary Concepts That Will Help You Learn the Ins and Outs of the Japanese World
    2021-09-28 New Japanese Learning Resources: Fall 2021
    2021-09-07 Futokoro — A Deep Pocket Full of Unique Expressions
    2021-08-24 あける, あく, ひらける, and ひらく: Differences Between Four Different "OPEN"s in Japanese
    2021-08-10 もったいない — The Japanese Virtue of Guilt-Tripping over Wastefulness
    2021-07-27 に vs で: Which Particle To Choose And Why
    2021-06-22 New Japanese Learning Resources: Summer 2021
    2021-04-29 中 vs 内: The Difference Between These Two Japanese Words for ''Inside''
    2021-03-23 New Japanese Learning Resources: Spring 2021
    2021-03-01 Japanese Books for Upper Beginners
    2021-01-19 Is あなた Polite or Rude?
    2020-12-22 New Japanese Learning Resources: Winter 2020
    2020-11-17 What Should I Call "You"?
    2020-09-29 New Japanese Learning Resources: Fall 2020
    2020-09-01 さすが Is Not Always a Compliment
    2020-08-11 よ and ね: What Do These Particles Really Mean to Japanese Speakers?
    2020-07-21 New Japanese Learning Resources: Summer 2020
    2020-07-07 は and が: What's the Difference Between These Japanese Particles, Really?
    2020-06-30 24 Other Ways You Can Say 考える
    2020-06-23 Beyond the Binary: A Queer Take on Gendered Japanese
    2020-06-16 Let's Think About "Thinking": 思う vs 考える
    2020-06-09 Coming Out in Japan
    2020-04-16 Making Sense of な-Adjectives and の-Adjectives
    2020-03-24 New Japanese Learning Resources: Spring 2020
    2019-12-17 New Japanese Learning Resources: Fall 2019
    2019-09-24 だ and です : Venturing Beyond Textbook Rules into Real-Life Use
    2019-09-20 New Japanese Learning Resources: Summer 2019
    2019-08-06 面: Counting Masks, Binoculars, Land, and Generally Anything that Has a Surface
    2019-07-30 How to Live (And Sometimes Work) in Japan on Working Holiday: The Ultimate Guide
    2019-06-25 New Japanese Learning Resources: May 2019
    2019-06-11 基: Counting Big, Stable Things
    2019-06-11 発: Counting Shots, Hits, Punches, and More
    2019-05-21 New Japanese Learning Resources: April 2019
    2019-05-09 カップ: Counting Cups and Cup-units
    2019-04-26 New Japanese Learning Resources: March 2019
    2019-03-26 New Japanese Learning Resources: February 2019
    2019-02-22 New Japanese Learning Resources: January 2019
    2019-01-03 年: Counting Years and Planetary Orbits
    2019-01-03 月: Counting Months
    2019-01-03 日: Counting Days
    2018-12-11 New Japanese Learning Resources: November 2018
    2018-11-19 時/時間: Counting Time and Hours
    2018-11-19 分: Counting Minutes and Edo Period Silver Currency
    2018-11-13 New Japanese Learning Resources: October 2018
    2018-11-06 回: Repetitive Actions, Regular Events
    2018-11-06 階: Floors of a Building
    2018-10-23 羽: Counting Birds, Bats, and Bun-Buns
    2018-10-23 冊: Counting Books
    2018-10-23 人: Counting People and Smart Animals
    2018-10-16 New Japanese Learning Resources: September 2018
    2018-10-02 本: Counting Long, Skinny Things
    2018-10-02 匹: Counting Animals, Bugs, and Wild Children
    2018-10-02 台: Counting Machines, Furniture, & Whole Cakes
    2018-10-02 枚: Counting Everything Flat
    2018-10-02 頭: Counting Those Big, Professional Animals
    2018-10-02 個: Counting (Almost) Everything and Anything
    2018-10-02 〜つ: Counting Everything and Anything
    2018-10-02 Getting Started with Japanese Counters
    2018-10-02 350 Japanese Counters Grouped by Usefulness
    2018-09-21 New Japanese Learning Resources: August 2018
    2018-09-19 Ganbaru: Fight! Do Your Best! Never Say Die!
    2018-08-21 Japanese Name Enders: More than Mr. and Ms.
    2018-08-14 Rendaku: Why Hito-Bito isn't Hito-Hito
    2018-08-03 New Japanese Learning Resources: July 2018
    2018-07-30 Japanese Numbers and How to Count ALL of Them
    2018-07-20 Yakiniku Meimon: Famous Japanese Meat for Famous People
    2018-07-10 The Meaning of Genki: Going Way Beyond "O Genki Desu Ka? Hai, Genki Desu."
    2018-07-06 New Japanese Learning Resources: May & June 2018
    2018-06-26 Renting Middle-Aged Japanese Men for Fun: A Review of Ossan Rental
    2018-06-12 Chotto: A Little Word with a Lot of Ambiguity
    2018-06-07 How to Make a Reservation in Japanese
    2018-05-30 Here are Your Options for Getting Internet in Japan
    2018-05-30 Pocketalk Handheld Translator Device: Reviewing it, and Using it in Japan
    2018-05-30 ili Handheld Translator Device: Our Hands-On, In-Japan Review
    2018-05-23 A Guide to Japanese Pronunciation: Sounds, Words, and Sentences
    2018-05-15 Getting Into 込む Compound Verbs
    2018-05-04 New Japanese Learning Resources: April 2018
    2018-04-17 Transitive and Intransitive Verbs in Japanese and How To Use Them
    2018-04-06 New Japanese Learning Resources: March 2018
    2018-03-16 New Japanese Learning Resources: January–February 2018
    2018-02-01 New Japanese Learning Resources: The Best of 2017
    2018-01-05 New Japanese Learning Resources: December 2017
    2017-12-28 Tofugu's Favorite Posts of 2017
    2017-12-19 What Makes a Good Japanese Translator?
    2017-12-14 New Japanese Learning Resources: November 2017
    2017-12-12 12 Ways to Answer Your Own Questions About Japanese
    2017-11-30 How to Get a Job in Japan: Advice from an Insider Expert
    2017-11-28 84: The Secret Members-Only Bar Frequented by Famous Artists, Musicians, and Nintendo Employees
    2017-11-21 "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Matthew Chozick
    2017-11-10 New Japanese Learning Resources: October 2017
    2017-11-07 "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Loretta "Kemushichan"
    2017-10-17 New Japanese Learning Resources: September 2017
    2017-10-10 Haiku: A Whole Lot More Than 5-7-5
    2017-09-19 New Japanese Learning Resources: August 2017
    2017-09-12 Japanese Sentences and the Best Ways to Study with Them
    2017-09-05 On'yomi And Kun'yomi in Kanji: What's the Difference?
    2017-08-22 Japanese Grammar KOTOKARA: The Definitive Guide
    2017-08-17 New Japanese Learning Resources: July 2017
    2017-08-10 "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Jonathan Kirk from Kanshudo
    2017-08-01 Learn Kanji with Radicals and Mnemonics: The Definitive Guide
    2017-07-27 "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Michael from Tofugu
    2017-07-25 New Japanese Learning Resources: June 2017
    2017-07-20 Spaced Repetition and Japanese: The Definitive Guide
    2017-07-20 Using the Keyword Mnemonic Method to Learn Japanese Vocabulary
    2017-07-18 How Kim Ahlstrom, Creator of, Uses Dictionaries to Learn Japanese
    2017-07-13 27 Katakana Charts: Stroke Order, Mnemonics, Practice, and More
    2017-06-19 "What I Use To Study Japanese" - James from ALT Insider
    2017-06-15 10 Secret Onsen (That Aren't so Secret Now That We've Told You About Them)
    2017-06-05 "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Adam from Jalup NEXT
    2017-06-02 New Japanese Learning Resources: May 2017
    2017-05-28 Boston Career Forum: The Ultimate Guide
    2017-05-23 "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Dogen
    2017-05-19 Japanese Learning Advice from Manga Translator Zack Davisson
    2017-05-11 "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Dan from Reajer
    2017-05-05 New Japanese Learning Resources: April 2017
    2017-05-02 Omiyage: The Gift You Have to Keep On Giving
    2017-04-28 Otonagai: Spending Your Adult Money on Kid's Collectibles
    2017-04-25 Mochi: Japan's Soft, Sweet, Squishy Snack
    2017-04-18 Tired of Teaching English: A Guide to Your New Career in Japan
    2017-04-11 Moving, Retiring, and Living Out Your Life in Japan
    2017-04-07 New Japanese Learning Resources: March 2017
    2017-04-04 Japanese Blood Types: And What They Say About Your Personality
    2017-03-28 How the Japanese Government is Killing Yatai Food Carts
    2017-03-21 Japanese Particle MONONO: The Definitive Guide
    2017-03-14 The 10 Best Onsen Resort Towns in Japan
    2017-03-07 "What I Use To Study Japanese" - Koichi from Tofugu
    2017-03-03 New Japanese Learning Resources: February 2017
    2017-02-28 Nintendo Collection Master, Isao Yamazaki
    2017-02-21 Japanese Particle KANA: The Definitive Guide
    2017-02-07 Why Japan Will Lose 20 Million People by 2050
    2017-02-03 New Japanese Learning Resources: January 2017
    2017-01-31 Japan's 10-Year-Old Philosopher, Published Author, and Grade School Dropout
    2017-01-24 Crispy, Crunchy, Crawly: Eating Bugs in Japan
    2017-01-17 Washitsu: A Japanese Room for Guests, Family, or Alone Time
    2017-01-10 How to Buy a New House in Japan
    2017-01-03 The 20 Best Anime Movies Not Made by Studio Ghibli
    2016-12-27 Tofugu's Favorite Posts of 2016
    2016-12-20 How to Score Yourself Ghibli Museum Tickets Before It's Too Late
    2016-12-13 State Shinto: A Religion Interrupted
    2016-12-06 Womansword
    2016-11-25 Tsujigiri: A Japanese word you don't see in other languages
    2016-11-22 Thanksgiving in Japan?
    2016-11-15 Tengu: The Japanese Demon That's Basically a Mini-God
    2016-11-11 Pocky Day: Celebrating Japan's Favorite Stick Snack
    2016-11-01 Making Your JET Program Recontracting Decision
    2016-10-25 The 13 Best Japanese Horror Films
    2016-10-18 Dajare: 13 Types of Japanese Puns
    2016-10-11 Your Step-by-Step Jikoshoukai Guide
    2016-10-04 The JET Program Senpai Triple Interview Throwdown
    2016-09-27 English Bulletin Board Ideas for JET Program ALTs
    2016-09-20 The Meaning of Itadakimasu
    2016-09-13 Kagaya Izakaya: Frog is Stranger Than Fiction
    2016-09-06 Japan’s Doujinshi Culture Of Creativity Through Theft
    2016-08-30 26 Etiquette Rules Every English Teacher in Japan Should Know
    2016-08-16 Higuchi Ichiyō: Badass Women in Japanese History
    2016-07-07 Japanese Tattoos | History • Culture • Design
    2016-06-06 How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Being Otaku
    2016-05-10 How to Type in Japanese (And Fun Characters Too!)
    2016-04-25 Chibi: The Japanese Word That's Cute And Offensive
    2016-04-18 How to Install a Japanese Keyboard
    2016-04-11 Wabi-Sabi and Understanding Japan
    2016-04-05 27 Hiragana Charts: Stroke Order, Practice, Mnemonics, and More
    2016-03-21 「『The Art Of、 Japanese Punctuation〜。』」!?
    2016-03-14 Chindogu: The Unuseless Inventions of Kenji Kawakami
    2016-03-07 The "Hiragana Mnemonics Chart," by Tofugu
    2016-03-02 Japanese Sign Language and Being Deaf in Japan
    2015-11-24 Tsundere: Understanding Anime’s Obsessions with the Cold/Warm Archetype
    2015-10-23 Bowing in Japan
    2015-10-15 Tsundoku: Japan's Word for 'Books You Buy But Don't Read'
    2015-10-13 Japanese Onomatopoeia: The Definitive Guide
    2015-10-08 Okonomiyaki – Japanese Soul Food at Its Finest
    2015-10-06 Meet The World's Only Hamburger Idol Group: Hamburgirl Z
    2015-10-02 Why Do Japanese People Say Moshi Moshi on the Phone?
    2015-09-30 The Gay of the Samurai
    2015-09-22 The Day I Met a Japanese Superhero
    2015-09-04 The Ultimate Guide to Citing Japanese Sources
    2015-09-03 The Best Teaching Resources for Superstar JET Program ALTs
    2015-09-01 I'm an Idol Otaku (and Proud of It)
    2015-08-31 Japanese Fluency Is A Race To Make The Most Mistakes
    2015-08-28 Japanese Homophones and How To Use Them
    2015-08-26 20 Differences Between Japanese and Western Schools
    2015-08-20 Plataku - The Takara Tomy Plarail Cafe Full of Trains
    2015-08-19 JET Program Survival Resources
    2015-08-15 The Language Hack Where You Learn 1,000+ Japanese Words This Week
    2015-08-14 Tsukemono! The Wonderful World of Japanese Pickles
    2015-08-13 How Monster Strike Conquered Japanese Mobile Gaming
    2015-08-11 Your Japanese Weak Point
    2015-08-07 The Unique Weapons of Ancient Japan
    2015-08-05 Umbrellas in Japan
    2015-08-03 JET Program Japanese Study: Setting Yourself Up for Success
    2015-07-30 Kaihou Souko: The Massive Japanese Secondhand Warehouse
    2015-07-29 4 Foreigners in Traditional Japanese Roles
    2015-07-27 The Daily Life of the Japanese Housewife
    2015-07-24 How to Plan a Cycling Trip in Japan
    2015-07-21 Huis Ten Bosch, The Dutch Theme Park in Japan
    2015-07-20 Interview with Chiptune Musician TORIENA
    2015-07-17 What the Japanese Royal Family Can Learn from Prince William’s Japan Trip
    2015-07-15 Ekiben! Japanese Food on Japanese Trains and Beyond
    2015-07-13 Questioning Japanese Creativity: Is Japan Really Creative?
    2015-07-08 Navigating Roppongi's Nightlife
    2015-07-06 Queen Himiko: Badass Women in Japanese History
    2015-07-03 A Japanese Citizen Studying "Abroad" in Her Own Country
    2015-07-02 Tonkatsu Shimizu, Kyoto's Rakugaki Bar
    2015-07-01 Anime's Great Deception – The Difference Between Anime and Cartoons
    2015-06-29 Ashigaru – Japan's Overlooked And Underappreciated Warriors
    2015-06-27 Why Reading Japanese Is So Difficult: The First Page Syndrome
    2015-06-25 The Butsudan Altar Drive-Thru
    2015-06-24 What Is a Butsudan? And Why Are People Paying $630,000 for Them?
    2015-06-23 Jet Program Culture Shock
    2015-06-22 The Books Behind Your Favorite Studio Ghibli Films
    2015-06-18 Emoji – Japan’s Talking Pictures
    2015-06-17 Go to (Japanese) Hells!
    2015-06-16 Kappa: Japan's Aquatic, Cucumber-Loving, Booty-Obsessed Yokai
    2015-06-15 What To Do After Arriving in Japan on the JET Program: A Checklist
    2015-06-13 The Kinugawa Robot Sex Museum
    2015-06-10 How To Pack For JET
    2015-06-09 The Secret Japan Air Self-Defense Force Gundam – And Other Stories
    2015-06-05 The Post JET Acceptance Checklist
    2015-06-03 Inside the Japanese TV Industry: An Interview with a TV Salarywoman
    2015-05-29 The Other Side: What Do Japanese College Students Think of English?
    2015-05-28 Tokushima Ramen Festival
    2015-05-27 Cats in Japanese Art - Printed, Painted, and Sculpted Felines
    2015-05-25 How to Write the JET Program Statement of Purpose Essay
    2015-05-22 Japanese Mushrooms: An Umamitastic World of Endless Flavor
    2015-05-21 A Day in the Life of a Japanese Monk
    2015-05-20 The Fabulous World of Japanese Socks!
    2015-05-19 How to Apply for the JET Program
    2015-05-15 Rice Cooker History, Features, Futures, and More
    2015-05-11 What Does Baka Mean? Japan’s Most Popular Profanity
    2015-05-08 25 Reasons To Join The JET Program (And 8 Reasons Not To)
    2015-05-06 Why English Is Hard and Japanese Is Easy
    2015-05-04 Interview with Sarah Feinerman from Design Festa
    2015-05-01 Japanese The Game: The Japanese Learning Card Game
    2015-04-29 The Dragon Ball Training Guide to Self-Improvement
    2015-04-27 A Tour of Shueisha, Japan's Largest Manga Publisher
    2015-04-22 Japanese Civic Duty: A Look at the Responsibility of 日本
    2015-04-20 Kanamara Matsuri: The Irony Behind the Infamous Japanese Penis Festival
    2015-04-15 Safety in Japan: Staying Alert in the World's 'Safest' Country
    2015-04-13 Interview with Araki Joh, the Best Selling Writer of Japan's Most Intoxicating Manga
    2015-04-09 Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery and Museum
    2015-04-08 How to Learn Japanese from Songs
    2015-04-07 Japanese Body Parts Vocabulary and Idioms
    2015-04-03 Katsuobushi, The Dried Fermented Fish Rock That's in Almost Every Japanese Dish You've Ever Eaten
    2015-04-01 One Foreigner's Story of Becoming a Father in Japan
    2015-03-30 Learning Japanese from Kid's Anime
    2015-03-26 The Osaka Highway That Lives in a Skyscraper
    2015-03-25 Examining the Japanese Work Ethic
    2015-03-23 Story in my Hands – GAKUTEN Artist Spotlight
    2015-03-17 Interview with Japanese Let's Play Gamers Anijya and Otojya
    2015-03-16 Nihongo Sō-Matome
    2015-03-13 Japanese Loanword Phonology
    2015-03-11 The Meaning Of 国
    2015-03-09 Japanese Smoking Manners Posters
    2015-03-06 Why the Japanese Countryside Is Emptying
    2015-03-04 Choosing the Best Yokai Books for You
    2015-02-25 The Power of Japanese Math
    2015-02-23 The Ghibli Dictionary: Learning Japanese from Ghibli Films
    2015-02-20 Don't Get Sued! Libel, Slander, and Defamation Laws in Japan
    2015-02-19 Let's Nabe! A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Hot Pot Cooking
    2015-02-18 How to View Japanese Swords
    2015-02-16 Japan's Wild Boar Problem
    2015-02-13 Tokyo Travel Tips for the Neurotic
    2015-02-12 The Wonderful World of Kaomoji
    2015-02-11 Japan’s Sacrificial Lamb – The Okinawa Military Base Controversy
    2015-02-10 JET Program Interview: The Definitive Guide To Passing
    2015-02-06 Japonism: How Japan Shaped Modern Art
    2015-02-05 Hiroaki Sato's Legends of the Samurai
    2015-02-02 Showa Shinzan Yukigassen Tournament: The World's Scariest Snowball Fight?
    2015-01-30 Tanuki: The Canine Yokai with Gigantic Balls
    2015-01-28 Interview with Ken Taya, aka Enfu, the Master of Japanamericana
    2015-01-26 Why Quantity, Not Quality, Makes You Fluent In Japanese
    2015-01-21 Surviving Japan's Medical System
    2015-01-19 Ken Takakura and Bunta Sugawara: The Death of Yakuza Cinema
    2015-01-16 Japanese Horror Fiction: Emotions Unearthed
    2015-01-14 Japan’s Dependence on China’s Unsafe Food
    2015-01-12 Michi No Eki: Japanese Stamp Rally in Hokkaido
    2015-01-08 Christians in Kyushu: A History
    2015-01-06 Amezaiku: Japanese Candy Creatures Born from Sugar and Fire
    2014-12-19 Brian Ashcraft: A Scholar of Japanese Schoolgirls Studies
    2014-12-17 An Exclusive Interview with the Seikan Tunnel Stations
    2014-12-15 Wined, Dined, Brined, and Intestined: Acquiring a Taste for Japanese Delicacies
    2014-12-10 Spiders in Japan: The Tiniest Kaiju
    2014-12-09 Influent: The Virtual Language Memory Palace
    2014-12-08 Bushido: Way of Total Bullshit
    2014-12-04 Beauty is in the Language of the Beholder
    2014-12-02 Atari, Hane, and Monkey Jumps
    2014-12-01 Megane Culture: Japan’s Love Affair with Glasses
    2014-11-21 Rascal’s Secret Plan: the Raccoon Invasion of Japan
    2014-11-18 How to Find The Kanji Radical
    2014-11-17 The Unwritten Rules Of Job-Hunting In Japan
    2014-11-13 Invasion of the Species
    2014-11-11 Halloween in Japan
    2014-11-10 A Dictionary of Japanese Grammar
    2014-11-04 How to Find a Job in Japan as a Foreign Exchange Student
    2014-10-31 Who’s that Pokémon? Yōkai Edition!
    2014-10-30 The Skeletal Structure of Japanese Horror Fiction
    2014-10-28 Over a Thousand Years of Service: Japan’s Oldest Businesses Reign Supreme(ly Old)
    2014-10-27 Wasei Eigo
    2014-10-24 Japanese Seaweed!
    2014-10-21 Shunga: Japan's Ancient Erotica
    2014-10-20 The Life Of A Junior High Night School Teacher
    2014-10-17 The Minabe-Cho Government And The Rise Of Umeboshi Fascism
    2014-10-16 Japanese Legal Loopholes
    2014-10-15 Japan's Three Climates
    2014-10-10 Ono no Komachi and The Standard of Japanese Female Beauty
    2014-10-09 Japan's Garbage Disposal System Explained
    2014-10-08 Yakan Chuugaku: The Japanese Night Time Junior High Where The Uneducated Learn To Read Good
    2014-10-07 The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Japanese Translator
    2014-10-06 How to Spice up Your ALT Lessons with the Nine Intelligences
    2014-10-02 10 Not-Japanese Foods Lost in Translation
    2014-10-01 Kamaboko - A Pureed Fish Cake Fit For Celebration
    2014-09-30 How to be a Japanese Translator with Susanna Fessler
    2014-09-26 Bishounen
    2014-09-25 An Interview with Medama-Sensei
    2014-09-24 The Japanese Name Satou And Its Rise To #1
    2014-09-23 How to be a Japanese Translator with Jonathan Lloyd-Davies
    2014-09-19 Abenomics 3 Arrows Explained
    2014-09-18 Interview with Japanese Ghost Expert Zack Davisson
    2014-09-16 How to be a Japanese Translator with Jocelyne Allen
    2014-09-12 The Cicadas' Song
    2014-09-11 Komainu: The History of Japan’s Mythical Lion Dogs
    2014-09-10 A Long History of Japanese Names
    2014-09-09 Kitsune: The Divine/Evil Fox Yokai
    2014-09-08 The Delicious Road: a Japanese Dessert Journey
    2014-09-05 Becoming a Child in Japan
    2014-09-04 Top 10 REAL Pokemon You Can Find in Japan!
    2014-09-03 Learn Katakana: The Ultimate Guide
    2014-09-03 How "Cow Poop" Became A Real-Life Japanese Family Name
    2014-09-02 Origami for Kids
    2014-09-01 The Road to Understanding Japanese Pottery
    2014-08-28 Ghibli’s Uncertain Future, Post-Miyazaki
    2014-08-27 Onigiri: The Rice Ball
    2014-08-26 Murasaki Shikibu: Badass Women in Japanese History
    2014-08-25 Weird Kanji
    2014-08-19 Yakushima: Shiratani Unsuikyo
    2014-08-19 Gaming To Learn Japanese
    2014-08-15 Peace and Japan
    2014-08-14 Let's All Get NAKED! Onsen and Body Image
    2014-08-13 The Ryukyu King And His Fantastic 1-Year-Long Parade
    2014-08-12 10 of Hello Kitty's Most DISTANT Relatives
    2014-08-11 The Social History of Ramen
    2014-08-08 Ryan Vandendyck: What It's Like To Localize Games To And From Japan
    2014-08-07 Five Ways To Experience Japan Without Leaving Home
    2014-08-06 Kato Kiyomasa and the Hosokawa
    2014-08-05 A Crash Course in Japanese Poetry
    2014-08-04 Namahage: Akita’s New Year’s Ogre
    2014-07-30 Takahiro Hotta - The Samurai Actor That Has Killed 10,000 People
    2014-07-29 How To Shoot A Samurai Film
    2014-07-28 Mastering the ALT Self-Intro Class
    2014-07-25 Surviving Sports Festival
    2014-07-24 Top Ten Real Life Kaiju of Japan
    2014-07-22 Traveling The Hidden Spots Of Japan With MATCHA
    2014-07-18 Karuta: Gotta Catch 'Em All!
    2014-07-17 Mimikaki: Ear Cleaning and Romance in Japan
    2014-07-16 Takarazuka's Crossdressing Starlets
    2014-07-15 The Many Japanese Calendars
    2014-07-11 Is Japan Really Conservative?
    2014-07-10 More Than Gaijin
    2014-07-09 Meet the Ogasawara Islands!
    2014-07-08 An Exclusive Interview with Matt Alt
    2014-07-07 Interview About Lang-8's New Service: HiNative
    2014-07-03 Noboru Iguchi: Master of Movie Mayhem
    2014-07-02 Rice: The Crop That Sparked the Tokugawa Miracle
    2014-07-01 Mr. Heavy Metal: An Interview with Marty Friedman
    2014-06-30 Learn Hiragana: The Ultimate Guide
    2014-06-30 Special Education on Japanese Special Education
    2014-06-26 Kobun (Classical Japanese) - Old Kana
    2014-06-25 Omamori: Protecting Yourself in Little Ways
    2014-06-24 Why Japan Laughs At Zombies
    2014-06-23 The Culture of Less Is More
    2014-06-19 City Life Outside Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto
    2014-06-18 All About Hikikomori
    2014-06-17 Unagi: Delicious Past and Dim Future
    2014-06-16 HELP! I Don't Know How to ALT!
    2014-06-13 Better Than Pokémon!?
    2014-06-12 Tomoe Gozen: Badass Women in Japanese History
    2014-06-11 Making Traditional Tenugui With Cloth Artisan Takimoto Somesho
    2014-06-05 The Empire Built On Egg Shells
    2014-06-04 TanKuma - Raw Egg On Rice Restaurant
    2014-06-04 Raw Egg On Rice Is A Japanese Feast
    2014-06-02 A Beginner’s Guide to Shōchū
    2014-05-29 Japan’s Solar Revolution
    2014-05-28 Kobun (Classical Japanese) & Honorifics
    2014-05-27 Shopping in Tokyo - A Shopaholic's Guide
    2014-05-26 How to Care for Your Beetle
    2014-05-23 Is That A Marimo In Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
    2014-05-21 Being Fat in Japan
    2014-05-19 Where to Find Nuts in Japan
    2014-05-15 Sampuru: Japanese Food Models
    2014-05-13 How To Speak Beautiful Japanese
    2014-05-12 Mining For Japanese Gold
    2014-05-09 Shinto Tropes for Otaku Folks
    2014-05-07 Tenugui: A Cloth Without Limits
    2014-05-06 How to Get your Japanese Driver's License
    2014-05-05 Sailor Moon: Positive Female Role Model Since 1992
    2014-04-30 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Japan Edition
    2014-04-29 Coffee In Japan: 120 Years Of Mornings
    2014-04-28 Forget Pet Rocks, Cultivate Your Own Rock Garden
    2014-04-25 How Japanese Black Companies Oppress Workers and Ruin Lives
    2014-04-24 Taijin Kyofusho - A Very "Japanese" Social Anxiety
    2014-04-21 The Mindset of Japanese Arguments
    2014-04-18 The Ultimate Guide To Pooping In Japan
    2014-04-16 The Yuta, The Noro, And The “Okinawan Witch Trials”
    2014-04-15 The Art Of Social Warfare In The Japanese Workplace
    2014-04-14 Hidden No More
    2014-04-11 Waging Epic Battle With Japanese Tops and Beigoma
    2014-04-10 Kawaii Japanese Food Characters
    2014-04-09 Anime Before It Was "Anime"
    2014-04-03 Kobun (Classical Japanese) - Adjectives & Musubi
    2014-04-02 Hafu: Japan's Obsession with Mixed-Race People
    2014-03-28 Japanese Syllable Structure and the Past Tense of Verbs
    2014-03-27 Why Japan No Longer Dominates The Video Game Industry
    2014-03-26 Send Your Stuffed Animals on a Tour of Japan so You Don't Have To
    2014-03-25 Ways To Save Money While Living In Japan
    2014-03-24 Planning your Second Trip to Japan
    2014-03-18 Kobun (Classical Japanese) and How To Use Helper Verbs
    2014-03-17 What to Do When You're Placed in a Bad School
    2014-03-14 Akira Haraguchi and His Method for Memorizing 100,000 Digits of Pi
    2014-03-13 Pitfalls and Problems with Japanese Education
    2014-03-11 The Picturesque Bento Art Of Hige-Man Ume-Chan
    2014-03-10 Kobun (Classical Japanese) Verbs & How To Use Them
    2014-03-06 Narita Airport's Troubled Past
    2014-03-04 Why Japanese Education Succeeds
    2014-02-27 Some Thoughts About Japan's Internationalization
    2014-02-26 Japan's Obsession With Food And Drama
    2014-02-21 A Man With A Mustache In A Country Without Facial Hair
    2014-02-20 Of Lies And Sushi
    2014-02-19 Kansai vs. Kanto: Can't We All Just Get Along?
    2014-02-17 Nishinari
    2014-02-14 The 7 Different Ways to Learn Kanji (As I See It)
    2014-02-13 Why Japan Historically Hates Mustaches (And All Other Facial Hair Too)
    2014-02-12 An Introduction To Reading Kobun (Classical Japanese)
    2014-02-11 The Secret World Of Kisha Clubs And Japanese Newspapers
    2014-02-10 The Science Of Kawaii
    2014-02-07 Japanese Super Sentai vs American Power Rangers: A Look Back
    2014-02-06 The Real Japanese Monk's Guide To Buddhism In Japan
    2014-02-05 しか、さえ、and すら: Three Japanese Particles That Are Easily Confused
    2014-02-05 How To Guess A Kanji's Stroke Order
    2014-02-04 Signals Japan Uses to Tell You Your Day is Over
    2014-02-03 Wasabi: More than that Little Green Tube
    2014-01-30 Japanese Body Language And Gestures
    2014-01-27 The New (And Dying) Japanimerican Film Industry
    2014-01-24 Rent-A-Gaijin For All Your Temporary Gaijin Needs
    2014-01-17 Learning Japanese Through Cooking
    2014-01-16 A Dog’s Life, Japan
    2014-01-15 Lars Martinson: Tofugu Talks To The Creator of Tonoharu
    2014-01-14 Learning Japanese During Your Study Abroad
    2014-01-10 What Miyazaki's New Film May Be Trying To Say About Japan Today
    2014-01-07 Nasubi, The Naked Eggplant-Man Who Lived Off Sweepstakes
    2014-01-06 Japan, Capybaras, and Me: A Love Story
    2013-12-23 How To Celebrate Christmas In Japan
    2013-12-19 The Art of Proposing To A Japanese Girl
    2013-12-18 Captain Tsubasa and the Rise of Japanese Soccer
    2013-12-17 Japanese College: The Spring Break of Life
    2013-12-13 The Search For Japan's #1 Symbol
    2013-12-11 How I Played the Foreign Tourist on Japanese TV
    2013-12-09 The Secret Behind Hello Kitty's Blank Face
    2013-12-05 Knitting For Jizo
    2013-12-03 Why You Should Come to Japan for College
    2013-12-02 How To Import Japanese Video Games
    2013-11-27 The Kikokushijo Dilemma: Growing Up Abroad As A Japanese Kid
    2013-11-26 The Top Three Japanese Memes of 2013
    2013-11-25 Hiroshi Yamauchi: The Very Non-Whimsical Willy Wonka Of Nintendo
    2013-11-22 Stupid Women Are WonderFool in Japan?
    2013-11-18 Asian, but Not Japanese, In Japan
    2013-11-15 What Sadako Taught Me About Love
    2013-11-12 Let's Talk About Japanese Cram School
    2013-11-08 The Ainu
    2013-11-05 What It's Like To Be A Half Japanese Kid In Japanese School
    2013-11-01 How To Celebrate A Japanese Birthday
    2013-10-24 Sorry for Saying Thank You
    2013-10-23 Kokuhaku: Japan's Love Confessing Culture
    2013-10-21 Godfather of Anime, Osamu Tezuka
    2013-10-17 Hamigaki: The Art Of Japanese Tooth Brushing
    2013-10-11 How To Avoid (Or Even Find) A Stigmatized Property In Japan
    2013-10-09 Japanese Soy Beans
    2013-10-02 A Basic Intro To Taiko And Why It's Awesome
    2013-09-30 How To Gain Free Time and Be More Productive
    2013-09-26 The Forgotten Dynasty Of The Ryukyu Islands
    2013-09-25 What I Learned About Learning Japanese From Spending 3 Weeks In Taiwan
    2013-09-24 How To Be PeraPera
    2013-09-20 The Reason I Don't Want to Dye My Hair Black Again
    2013-09-18 The Wonders of Washi Tape
    2013-09-17 Staying Motivated: Tricking Your Brain
    2013-09-16 Meowth and Why He Loves Koban Coins
    2013-09-13 Keigo: The Importance of Politeness in Japanese
    2013-09-12 The Traditional Colors of Japan
    2013-09-11 How To Take Part In Japan's Year-Round Gift Giving Culture
    2013-09-10 Staying Motivated: A Habit Is Formed
    2013-09-06 Joshi-Mane: Female Manager Sensation in Japan
    2013-09-04 Ch-ch-ch-Chocolate
    2013-09-03 Staying Motivated: Setting Stakes
    2013-09-02 Unearthing the Mysteries of Japanese Chopsticks
    2013-08-30 The Curse Of Ghibli
    2013-08-29 Summer: Japan’s Ghost Season
    2013-08-27 Mt. Fuji, The Ticking Timebomb
    2013-08-23 Did Nara’s Giant Buddha Statue Prevent A 7.8 Earthquake?
    2013-08-20 How NOT To Host A Japanese Exchange Student
    2013-08-15 My Conspiracy Theory Nut Neighbor, Totoro
    2013-08-13 A Starter's Guide to Enjoying Summer Festivals in Japan
    2013-08-09 My Japanese Education
    2013-08-07 Gyaru-go
    2013-08-06 Senkaku Islands - The CIA Perspective
    2013-08-02 The "Minimum Effective Dose" Of Learning Japanese
    2013-08-01 10 Horrifying Insects That Will Keep You Away from Japan
    2013-07-31 Kotoba Asobi
    2013-07-30 Everybody Makes Embarassing Language Mistakes
    2013-07-29 Tanaka Hisashige
    2013-07-26 What Japanese Kids Want To Be When They Grow Up
    2013-07-25 Japanese: The Borrower Language
    2013-07-22 Why Japanese Toilets Are Failing In America
    2013-07-19 The Difficulty of Names
    2013-07-17 Why I Don't Give Up My Seat On The Train
    2013-07-16 What's In A Japanese Woman's Purse? Let's Look Inside!
    2013-07-11 The Japanese Particle ね
    2013-07-09 An Introduction To Basic Japanese Slang
    2013-07-02 Communicating Without Talking
    2013-06-28 Making Friends And Studying Japanese With Japan's Ultra Popular Social Network, LINE
    2013-06-25 Aizuchi: Does Your Listening Make Japanese People Uncomfortable?
    2013-06-24 What Kind of Tea To Drink When You’re in Japan
    2013-06-18 Kimokawaii: Both Cute and Gross at the same time
    2013-06-17 John's Top 10 Anime Series
    2013-06-12 Going Cashless in Japan
    2013-06-06 How Are Piercings Viewed in Japan?
    2013-06-04 How To Write Letters In Japanese: An Introduction
    2013-05-29 "Gaijin"
    2013-05-16 Maneki Neko: Beckoning Good Things
    2013-05-15 Pachinko: Gambling with little metal balls
    2013-05-14 Learning Japanese Vocab Using Opposites
    2013-05-10 The Martial Art Used By Japanese Police
    2013-05-09 Documentaries About Japan You Can Watch For Free
    2013-05-07 Is Underage Drinking and Smoking a Problem In Japan?
    2013-05-06 Golden Week in Japan
    2013-04-24 Walk Like a Japanese Person
    2013-04-05 The Tastiest Japanese Food Movies
    2013-03-29 Japanese Architecture: What Makes It Different?
    2013-03-27 Finding Your Way Around Japan
    2013-03-22 Purikura: The Joy of Japanese Photo Booths
    2013-03-15 My Unhealthy Addiction to Japanese Rhythm Games
    2013-03-08 How to Handle the Transition from Classroom to Self-Learning
    2013-03-07 Manga Tropes: Nosebleeds, Snot Bubbles, & More
    2013-02-26 What I Don't Miss About Japan
    2013-02-22 Why Does Japan Drive On The Left Side of the Road?
    2013-02-21 Spirited Away: It’s for the Foodies
    2013-02-19 7 Odd Things I Miss About Japan
    2013-02-15 Why Everyone Should Do A Japanese Homestay
    2013-02-12 Japanese Dog Breeds And How To Get Them
    2013-02-11 The Best Places to Ski in Japan
    2013-01-29 The Famous Foods Of Every Japanese Prefecture
    2013-01-23 How To Get Japanese Music Outside of Japan
    2013-01-07 Majoring in Japanese? Here's What You Can Expect
    2013-01-04 Mayonnaise: Traditional Japanese Food
    2012-12-19 The Biggest Spelling Mistakes in Japanese
    2012-12-18 Mt. Koya, One of Japan's Most Beautiful Destinations
    2012-12-11 How To Ride A Bicycle In Japan
    2012-11-27 When's the Best Time to Visit Japan?
    2012-11-26 Japanese Funeral Services: What Happens When You Die in Japan?
    2012-11-22 What is Japan's Thanksgiving?
    2012-10-25 Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins, Oh My! An Interview with AltJapan
    2012-10-22 The Best and Worst Things About Living in Japan
    2012-10-06 The Curious, Colorful Art of Kimiaki Yaegashi
    2012-09-13 The Nail That Sticks Up...
    2012-09-11 How To Survive, Get Ahead, And Then Conquer Your Japanese Language Class
    2012-09-10 7 Things You Can Do In Japan But Not In America
    2012-09-06 Seizo Fukumoto: The Samurai Actor Who Dies for a Living
    2012-09-04 How To Look Up and Read Kanji You Don't Know
    2012-08-27 How to Stay Motivated When Learning Japanese
    2012-08-23 The Great Otaku Pilgrimage
    2012-08-22 Japan's Romance with the Fax Machine
    2012-08-15 Japan's Sanpaku Eye Superstition
    2012-08-13 How to Kick Start Your Japanese Fluency With Pictures
    2012-08-04 10 Japanese Movie Title Translations That Make No Sense
    2012-08-03 Japan's OTHER Languages
    2012-07-30 Tea Ceremony: What Not to Do
    2012-07-26 Radio Calisthenics (aka Rajio Taisō)
    2012-07-11 25 Ways to Save Money While Traveling in Japan
    2012-06-15 Why Do Japanese People Wear Surgical Masks?
    2012-06-13 Mixing It Up With Japanese Wordplay
    2012-06-11 Why Japanese People Can't Walk and Talk at the Same Time
    2012-06-06 Japanese Universites Get An "F"
    2012-06-04 Sento: What Not to Do
    2012-05-28 Japanese Table Manners: What Not to Do
    2012-05-22 Kendo
    2012-05-21 Japanese Home Visit: What Not to Do
    2012-05-14 Japanese Train Etiquette: What Not to Do
    2012-05-08 Traveling to Japan for the First Time: Planning a 1-2 Week Trip
    2012-05-03 The Great Japanese Beer War
    2012-05-02 Your Name in Japanese - The Right and Wrong Way to Do It
    2012-05-01 Why Do Japanese People Talk So Fast?
    2012-04-30 How To Conquer the Intermediate Japanese Plateau
    2012-04-25 Yaeba: Why Crooked Teeth Are Straight up Beautiful in Japan
    2012-04-09 In Japan, Vikings Are All-You-Can-Eat Buffets
    2012-04-03 8 Things That Will Improve Your Japanese in Two Hours
    2012-03-26 The Rise and Fall of Bosozoku
    2012-03-21 Why Are There Swastikas In Japan?
    2012-03-14 White Day!
    2012-03-05 How to Drink in Japan
    2012-02-23 Japanese Superstitions That Will Fill You with FEAR!
    2012-02-22 Why People Say Japanese Is Hard to Learn and Why They're Wrong
    2012-02-18 Japanese Fart Scrolls
    2012-02-02 What It's Like to Have a Career in Japan
    2012-01-31 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Japanese Learning When I Was First Starting Out
    2012-01-26 Karoshi: The Japanese Are Dying to Get to Work
    2012-01-25 Hentaigana: How Japanese Went from Illegible to Legible in 100 Years
    2012-01-07 Genki Sudo's World Order: The Most Innovative Dance & Music Troupe In Japan
    2012-01-05 Travel To Japan for Cheap (Really!)
    2011-12-22 Where Is Japan? It's More Complicated Than You Think
    2011-12-19 Fuji-Q Highland
    2011-12-02 Drug Laws in Japan: You'd Better Have A Prescription
    2011-11-29 These Japanese Fast Food Chains Will Make You Love Fast Food Again
    2011-11-18 The Burakumin: Japan’s Invisible Race
    2011-11-16 Menial Labor and Fun Times in Japan with WWOOF
    2011-11-09 Understanding Japan Through The Karate Kid
    2011-10-26 Junji Ito: Master of Japanese Horror
    2011-09-29 Japanese Adult Adoption
    2011-09-27 How Little Epiphanies Add Up to Big Gains
    2011-09-19 The Kana, They Are A-Changin'
    2011-09-13 Yamato Kotoba: The REAL Japanese Language
    2011-08-30 Goroawase: Japanese Numbers Wordplay
    2011-08-25 Download Japanese Books for Free with Aozora Bunko!
    2011-08-22 Babigo: A Fun Japanese Language Game!
    2011-08-19 Japanese Etiquette 101
    2011-08-17 The Creepy, and Abandoned, Amusement Parks of Japan
    2011-07-22 Want To Learn Japanese? Maybe You Should JFDI
    2011-07-15 10 Strange Japanese Films You Need to Watch
    2011-06-10 Studying With Japanese Drama: The Step-By-Step Guide
    2011-06-01 The Best Paid Services for Your Japanese Language Learning
    2011-03-08 Using “Jerry Seinfeld’s Secret To Productivity” To Learn Kanji
    2010-11-16 How to Get Cheap Airplane Tickets to Japan
    2010-10-06 Why Do Japanese People Live so Long?
    2010-10-01 The 100+ Most Important Japanese Words
    2010-09-24 When Learning Japanese, It’s All About The Little Victories
    2010-09-17 Hitchhiking in Japan: Off the Beaten Track
    2010-08-27 Why It's Okay To Forget Kanji
    2010-08-05 How To Trick Yourself Into Good (Japanese) Study Habits
    2010-06-16 Amidakuji - Making Your Decisions Random, Japanese Style
    2010-06-01 Skritter: A Great Way To Practice Kanji, Stroke Order
    2010-05-25 When You Feel Like You Don't Want to Stop, Stop.
    2010-04-12 Learn Japanese Vocabulary Faster
    2010-04-09 Rhinospike
    2010-03-26 Question: How Should You Learn Kanji?
    2010-03-25 The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Learning Kanji
    2010-03-22 The History Of Kanji
    2010-01-12 What Do You Call Your Japanese Sweetheart?
    2009-12-01 Rosetta Stone Japanese: Is It Worth It?
    2009-10-22 Is Learning Japanese Not Popular Anymore?
    2009-09-21 100 Ways to Entertain Japanese Visitors
    2009-08-17 Japanese Language Cheatsheet For Travelers
    2009-07-22 Kancho Survival Guide
    2009-06-25 Strange Katakana Words
    2009-04-21 Tenso Shipping: International Forwarding Service
    2009-03-25 Japanese Particles Cheatsheet
    2008-12-09 Furigana: How To Use The Little Kana That Live Above Your Kanji
    2008-10-04 Shiritori, The Japanese Game That Will Improve Your Japanese
    2008-09-17 Jesus’ Life, Family, and Death (in Japan)
    2008-07-24 The No Gaijin Allowed Mentality
    2008-07-17 Japanese Restaurant Culture
    2008-05-31 6 Reasons Why Kanji is Necessary
    2008-02-09 Talk Like A Samurai
    2007-08-02 Studying Japanese with a Nintendo DS
    2007-06-19 Beginning Japanese: All Your First Steps
    2007-06-04 Ways To Say "Desu"

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