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    Tofugu Sticker Art Contest

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    Oh, hey, we heard you had a really cool DeviantArt account in 2006. Is that true? If so, you may be the hero we've been looking for. We're running a fan art sticker contest, and plan to turn the winners into actual, real stickers. Not you, just the design you made. Don't worry, we don't have the kind of power that allows us to turn humans into stickers… though we'll figure it out someday.

    Interest peaked? That was easy. Here's what you need to know:

    • The theme is 可愛い (kawaii, cute) and キモかわいい (kimokawaii, ugly-cute).
    • Your design should include a Tofugu (or WaniKani) related thing. We'd appreciate it if you didn't send us Rosetta Stone sticker designs.
    • You should submit your own artwork, obviously. Don't steal from somewhere else.
    • You should send a large image. Over 2000px in one direction is great.
    • Because they will be made into stickers, ideally you should send us a png with no background. Or, some other file type that supports non-backgrounds. If it's a square sticker, though, you don't have to worry about it.
    • We make our stickers with Sticker Mule, so please check their instructions if you're looking to design something in particular. Final size will be 3x3 or 4x4.
    • To submit, send your beautiful art to with the subject: “Tofugu Sticker Contest.” If you send some weird image format like TIFF, ai, or psd, go ahead and include a png or jpg in there as well, just because it's easier to see it at a glance.
    • Contest ends at 0:00 AM on 3/01/2018 (PDT). We’ll pick a winner and notify the you directly within 48 hours (and probably share it to celebrate).

    Additional Information:

    • We're planning to sell your design on the Tofugu Store. Also will be giving it away as swag.
    • You won't receive any compensation from sales on the Tofugu Store. We basically don't make any profit from selling stickers either, anyways.
    • We gain rights to your artwork, and can use it as we see fit.
    • You keep rights to your artwork too! So, you can do something with it, or show it off on your portfolio.
    • We'll ask you to sign and send something that basically sums up the above information. So, don't submit anything unless you're okay with that.
    • Non-US residents are also welcome to enter the contest as well!

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    What's in it for you, besides all the fame and glory? Winner(s) will receive:

    • A cool $100 USD (paid via PayPal).
    • An envelope filled with all our other stickers.
    • 50 of the stickers that you designed that you can throw into the air to "make it rain."
    • We'll give you credit on our store page for your sticker. We'd be happy to link to a thing of your choice, unless it's NSFW.
    • Did I already mention all that fame and glory?

    That’s it! If you couldn’t find an answer to any of your questions here (or on Sticker Mule’s page), please let us know via

    We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck!